About Us

Our vision is to increase Pakistan's exports. Small startups wanting to explore the international market or companies that are already exporting millions of dollars of products or services are all welcome to join us in our journey.

Buyers seeking suppliers can contact suppliers directly or they can reach out to us and we will make the introduction.

Who are we? And why do we want to do this?

The idea of starting madeinpakistan.com as a business to business platform for promoting Pakistan's exports is deep embedded in our DNA. Our CEO, Dr Irfan Ahmad, did his PhD at Boston University in Economics in 1986. His dissertation was on "Information Cues and the Marketing of Pakistan's Exports." After returning to Pakistan he wrote about Pakistani cotton bag manufacturers in a US trade publication. This led to one of the biggest ever orders for cotton bags from the US - proving without doubt that information about buyers and sellers is in short supply. Connecting them together is our mission.

Dr Irfan Ahmad later became a consultant on Export Marketing to the Export Promotion Bureau (now TDAP) and was also on the Prime Minister's Task Force for Exports. He was involved in trade show promotions and organized the first international exhibition of military/naval equipment in Pakistan. He later became the exclusive reseller of Yahoo! and in 1999 started the online advertising industry in Pakistan as well as the Middle East.

Today, we are setting out on another journey. To bring together buyers and sellers so that Pakistan's exporters can use digital connectivity to inform the world about what they can make for the world.

Exporters are encouraged to hop on board. Register your company. And let us help to sell your products and services to a world that is waiting to discover what can be made in Pakistan.